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April 12-13, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia

The Venue: ATL Vault (Pictured Below)

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Every Year…

You say you are going to do better with your money, increase how much is coming in and decrease how much is going out. Then the next year sneaks up on you and you seem to find yourself in the same place again. Well, it is time to look at your money completely differently and experience a shift.

The Coinfidence Conference is about becoming money confident, creating a financial game plan and gaining exposure to wealth building tactics. Produced by Amount Financial and led by money coach, Dr. Nicole Garner Scott, this two-day experience is going to include fireside chats with national wealth experts, workshops, high-level networking, culturally relevant resources, and access to money - minded professionals all provided in a very simplistic, easy to understand flow.

 You will leave the Coinfidence Conference with an established or increased financial foundation and a blue print that you can put to use immediately.

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Who is the Coinfidence Conference For:

  • Men & Women that are approaching financial milestones in their lives and want to be as prepared as possible (i.e. home ownership, new car, children going to college, parent care, etc)

  • Those that are ready to level up their current financial situations. Taking ownership in their previous financial mistakes and ready to change their money story while creating opportunity to leave generational wealth

  • Those who are ready to start investing and knowing there is so much more they could be doing with their money

  • Those that want to break the debt cycle and pivot into a life of abundance

  • Those that are ready to eradicate their limiting beliefs surrounding money

  • Those who want real -life instructions and details on what to do and are tired of being whoo whooed to death when it comes to truly making change

Ask yourself …

Who do you have to become and what do you need to do to change your financial reality?

The Coinfidence Conference is a safe space, no judgegment zone that will take place in an intimate atmosphere with knowledgeable experts that will help transform your money confidence a.k.a. coinfidence.

Do not go another day with looking at money in the same way. The dollars that you exchange are a representation of value, and it is time for you to relearn how you apply this value and what you attach to it.

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The Itinerary:

Friday, April 12, 2019

+ Welcome Toast

+ Private Dinner and Fireside Millionaire Chat

Saturday, April 13th

+Coinfidence Conference

  • Financial Wellness (From Scarcity to Abundance)

  • 7 Streams Made Easy

  • Life Insurance is For The Living

  • Spending Plan Makeovers

  • Money Mapping

  • Help! I am an entrepreneur and I don’t have a plan for retirement, etc

  • Investing & Trading (understanding cryptocurrency, cannabis stocks, diversifying your portfolio and more)

  • How Do I Really Build Wealth… Like Really

  • Ownership (assets over liabilities)

  • Raising wealth minded kids & how to set them up to win

  • Ways to increase your income

+ In- person Wealth Building Tour

*Announcing Speakers Soon!

Our Partners:

The Vault At Peachtree

This historic vault transforms perfectly from a daytime luncheon to an evening star studded affair. Recommended for life’s exclusive gatherings, art exhibits, painting experiences, catered dinners or milestone celebrations.

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